Grants and Fellowships

  1. EBIO Grants and Fellowships:
    • EBIO research grants
    • EBIO one-semester fellowships
    • EBIO summer fellowships
  2. Graduate School Grants and Fellowships - Including research grants, ecology grants, travel grants, dissertation fellowships.
  3. IQ-Biology Fellowship - The graduate program in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology is a University of Colorado cross-departmental program and part of the Biofrontiers Institute. EBIO is a participating department. For graduate students with an appropriate quantitative background, IQ-Bio offers a two-year fellowship, a diverse interdisciplinary experience, and a certificate upon completion of your PhD.
  4. Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) - EBIO is a member of the Organization for Tropical Studies. Our membership pays for some of the expenses for our students attending OTS courses in Costa Rica. Review the available courses on the OTS website then contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about OTS funding opportunities for our graduate students.
  5. National Science Foundation
    • Graduate Research Fellowship - Graduating seniors and graduate students who have completed no more than 20 credits are eligible to apply. Each year in early October, the CU Chancellor's Office offers a workshop on applying for NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, formerly called "Pre-Doc" fellowships.
    • Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant - PhD students who have passed the comprehensive exam and who have been admitted into PhD candidacy may apply. Each year in September or October, the EBIO graduate program offers a workshop on applying for the DDIG.
    • The EBIO graduate program assistant has copies of successful NSF applications that students are welcome to borrow.
  6. EPA Star Fellowship - The EBIO graduate program assistant has copies of successful EPA Star Fellowship applications that students are welcome to borrow.
  7. UGGS-United Government of Graduate Students - UGGS provides grants for travel to meetings.
  8. microMORPH (Molecular and Organismal Research in Plant History) Training Grants - Graduate students, post-docs, and early career faculty interested in microevolutionary aspects of plant evo-devo are invited to apply for up to $3500. Grant would ideally be used to integrate historically disparate fields through lab visits and to develop research programs at the interfaces of evolutionary ecology, organismic biology, and developmental biology. microMORPH also offers funding for undergraduate students in the spring whereas graduate, post-doc, and faculty grants have multiple deadlines throughout the year.