EBIO Graduate Overview


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBIO) is a department in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. We offer the following degree programs: M.A. I (with thesis), M.A. II (without thesis), or Ph.D. degree in biology, with specializations in areas of ecology and evolutionary biology.

Our disciplinary strengths include behavior, ecology, genetics, morphology, and systematics. Roughly half of the faculty focus on the adaptation and functioning of organisms in the context of environment, while the other half study higher levels of organization, including populations, communities, and ecosystems. Our research programs have relevance for global change, conservation biology, and revealing fundamental mechanisms underlying the structural and functional adaptations of organisms.

We have roughly 100 graduate students specializing in a variety of subdisciplines. Our students come from a wide variety of ethnic, racial and other backgrounds. For example, about half of our students are women, and students range from 22 to 58 years of age. We welcome non-traditional students with varied life experiences and backgrounds.