EBIO Research ImageThe ecology and evolutionary biology tenure track faculty are listed below, alphabetized by last name. The faculty can also be organized by a few of our core subject areas and the search tool will allow for more specific terms. More information about each professor, including contact information, research interests and publications can be found by clicking on their name, which links to their faculty profile.

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William Adams III

Research Interests We take an integrative approach to synthesize the ecology, physiology, and anatomy of plants in a comparative framework. We ...

M. Deane Bowers

Professor, CU Museum Curator of Entomology & EBIO Chair
Research Interests Research in my lab concentrates on the interactions between plants, herbivores and natural enemies. I combine both field, ...

Nichole Barger

Associate Professor
Research Interests As an aridlands ecologist, my research mission is to better understand the impacts of changing climate and land use on ...

William D. Bowman

Professor, Director of the INSTAAR Mountain Research Station & EBIO Associate Chair of Graduate Studies
Research Interests Plant ecology, terrestrial ecosystem science. Major areas of research include the nutritional ecology of alpine plants, ...

Michael D. Breed

Research Interests Social behavior in insects, kin recognition system of honey bees, nest defense in honey bees, and social biology of ...

Alexander Cruz

Research Interests Ecological problems with a biogeographical, behavioral, or evolutionary slant, especially through field studies designed ...

Mel Cundiff

Associate Professor
Teaching Interests (My appointment is not a research appointment) Marine Biology/Ecology courses such as the field course taught in ...

Kendi Davies

Assistant Professor
Research Interests I study the persistence of species and communities in heterogeneous, fragmented, and disturbed landscapes; and what ...

Barbara Demmig-Adams

Professor of Distinction & Director of EBIO Honors Program
Research Interests 1) Plant Physiological Ecology: We integrate the ecology, physiology, and anatomy of plants. A unifying theme of our ...

Noah Fierer

Associate Professor
Research Interests My work intersects the disciplines of microbial ecology and terrestrial ecosystem ecology. In particular, I am interested ...

Sam Flaxman

Assistant Professor
Research Interests Research in my lab combines theoretical and empirical approaches in a variety of projects that investigate the ...

Michael C. Grant

Professor & Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education
Research Interests Evolutionary genetics and ecology of plants. Theoretical evolutionary biology, Experimental evolution. Taxa of ...

Robert P. Guralnick

Associate Professor
Research Interests We are biodiversity scientists and our research focuses on what causes spatiotemporal changes in genetic and species ...

Pieter Johnson

Associate Professor
Research Interests My research focuses on two pervasive and inter-related forms of biological change: disease emergence and species ...

Nolan Kane

Assistant Professor
Research Interests My research is at the interface of quantitative genetics, population genomics and bioinformatics. I use these tools to ...

Patrick Kociolek

Professor & DIrector of the CU Museum of Natural History

William Lewis

Professor & Director of the Center for Limnology
Research Interests Freshwater ecology and limnology. Topics of special recent interest include (1) the systems ecology of tropical lakes ...

Andrew P. Martin

Research Interests Research projects include the landscape ecology and population genetics of rodents associated with plague and ...

Christy M. McCain

Associate Professor & CU Museum Curator of Vertebrates
Research Interests I am interested in the mechanisms producing and maintaining patterns of species distribution, abundance, and diversity. ...

Valerie McKenzie

Assistant Professor
Research Interests My research interests combine the fields of parasitology, disease ecology, conservation biology, and herpetology. I work ...

Daniel Meulemans Medeiros

Assistant Professor
Research Interests In my lab, we are interested in understanding the developmental evolution of our own subphylum, the vertebrates. To ...

Brett Melbourne

Assistant Professor
Research Interests In my lab we use mathematics, computers, and data collected in the field or from experimental model systems to figure ...

Jeffry B. Mitton

Research Interests My primary research interests focus on the evolutionary forces that influence genetic variation within and among ...

Rebecca Safran

Associate Professor
Research Interests Ecological and Evolutionary Connections Between Animal Behavior and Population Biology. As a behavioral and ...

Steven K. Schmidt

Research Interests Microbial ecology, biogeochemical cycles, and plant-microbe interactions. Theoretical (modeling) and experimental ...

Timothy Seastedt

Research Interests Terrestrial ecosystem studies, including factors influencing biodiversity, productivity, soil carbon dynamics, ...

Stacey D. Smith

Assistant Professor
Research Interests Evolutionary genetics, molecular phylogenetics, plant-pollinator interactions, comparative methods. My lab studies the ...

David W. Stock

Associate Professor
Research Interests Genetic basis of morphological evolution using the vertebrate dentition as a model system. Comparative analysis of ...

Katharine Suding

Associate Professor EBIO & INSTAAR

Erin A. Tripp

Assistant Professor; Curator of Botany, COLO Herbarium
Research Interests Plant Systematics, Tropical Botany, Lichenology, Biodiversity Inventory, Molecular Genetics and Evolution, Taxonomy, ...

Carol A. Wessman

Professor & EBIO Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Research Interests My research program seeks to gain insights on the understanding of feedback dynamics between ecosystem structure and ...