Andrew P. Martin

Ph.D., University of Hawaii, 1992

Ramaley C309 (lab)

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Andrew P.  Martin
Research Interests Research projects include the landscape ecology and population genetics of rodents associated with plague and Bartonella; the diversity, evolution and biogeography of microbes, the molecular systematics and evolution of sharks and rays; the historical biogeography of neotropical fishes; conservation genetics of endangered trout and desert fishes; rates of molecular evolution; and evolution of multigene families.
Selected Publications

DeChaine, E. G. and A. P. Martin. 2004. Historic cycles of expansion and contraction in Parnassius smintheus (Papilionidae) inferred using mitochondrial DNA. Evolution 58: 113-127.

Schadt, C. W, A. P. Martin, D. A. Lipson and S. K. Schmidt. 2003. Seasonal dynamics of previously unknown fungal lineages in tundra soils. Science 301: 1359-1361.

Martin, A. P. 2002. Phylogenetic approaches for describing and comparing microbial communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 68: 3673-3682.

Martin, A. P. and T. M. Burg. 2002. Perils of paralogy: Using HSP70 genes for inferring organismal phylogenies. Systematic Biology 51: 570-587.

Martin, A. P., A. Pardini, C. Jones and L. Noble. 2002. Conservation of a microsatellite locus in sharks. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 23: 205-213.

Pardini, A. T., C. S. Jones, L. R. Noble, B. Kreiser, H. Malcolm, B. D. Bruce, J. D. Stevens, G. Cliff, M. C. Scholl, M. Francis, C. A. J. Duffy and A. P. Martin*. 2001. Sex-biased dispersal in great white sharks. Nature 412: 139-140.