Diana Nemergut
Associate Professor in the Environmental Studies Program

Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder, 2004


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Diana  Nemergut
Research Interests We are interested in microbial community ecology, specifically the general ecological principals that govern environmental microbial community assembly. We also focus on microbial biogeochemistry, specifically the microbiology of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and trace metal cycling in a variety of environments.
Selected Publications

D. R. Nemergut, S. K. Schmidt, T. Fukami, S. P. O’Neill*, T. M. Legg*, L. Stanish*, J. Knelman*, J. L. Darcy*, R. Lynch*, P. Wickey** and S. Ferrenberg*. Microbial Community Assembly: Patterns and Processes. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews (In Press).

S. Ferrenberg*, S. P. O’Neill*, J. E. Knelman, B. Todd**, S. Duggan**, D. Bradley**, T. Robinson**, S. K. Schmidt, A. R. Townsend, M. W. Williams, C. C. Cleveland, B. A. Melbourne, L. Jiang and D. R. Nemergut (2013). Changes in assembly processes in soil bacterial communities following a wildfire disturbance. ISME J, 7:1102-11.

L. F. Stanish*, S. P. O'Neill*, A. Gonzalez*, T. M. Legg*, J. Knelman*, D. McKnight, S. Spaulding, D. R. Nemergut (2013). Bacteria and diatom co-occurrence patterns in microbial mats from polar desert streams. Environmental Microbiology, 15: 1115-1131.

Phylogenetic Limiting Similarity and Competitive Exclusion, C. Violle, D.R. Nemergut, Z. Pu*, and L. Jiang (2011), Ecology Letters, 14, 782-787.

D. R. Nemergut, E. K. Costello, M. Hamady, C. Lozupone, L. Jiang, S. K. Schmidt, N. Fierer, A. R. Townsend, C. C. Cleveland, L. Stanish*, R. Knight (2011). Global Patterns in the Biogeography of Bacterial Taxa. Environ. Microbiol. 13:135-144.