Alexander Cruz

Ph.D., University of Florida, Gainesville, 1973

Ramaley N306 (lab)

Alexander  Cruz
Research Interests

Ecological problems with a biogeographical, behavioral, or evolutionary slant, especially through field studies designed to illuminate questions of theoretical importance, application of science to the problems of wildlife conservation. More than half of current work is conducted in the neotropics, especially the West Indies. Current or recently completed research projects include (1) avian brood parasitism; (2) avian community structure in natural and plantation forests in the neotropics; (3) conservation biology; (4) management of forest habitat for wildlife, particularly key species; (5) autoecological, behavioral, and life history studies of landbirds; (6) coevolutionary aspects of plant and animal interactions; (7) fish ecology and behavior and (8) reproductive biology of fishes; and (9) obligate brood parasitismin fishes.

Selected Publications

Francis, C. D., C. P. Ortega, and A. Cruz. 2009.