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Matthew Ross Research Highlight

Matthew Ross

In my ecosystem science research, I was able to work in Wyoming, Hawaii, and do my own project in Utah. I love the mix of field-studies working outside and lab experiments inside. For my thesis, I studied the effects of fire mitigation efforts on soils and plant communities. The EBIO department and Dr. Nichole Barger provided all of the training I needed to conduct the experiment alone and I enjoyed this freedom. EBIO provides many different research opportunities and I fully recommend taking advantage of them.

Matthew defended his Honors thesis titled “Recent fuels reduction treatment effects on herbaceous communities and soils in a Piñon-Juniper Ecosystem” in EBIO.  The defense committee consisted of Prof. Nichole Barger (Major advisor; EBIO), Prof. Tom Seastedt (EBIO), Prof. Jason Neff (Geology) and Prof. Barbara Demmig-Adams (EBIO and Honors council member).  Matthew graduated with Summa cum Laude.