Student Highlight

Mimi Lai Research Highlight

Mimi Lai

Hello, My name is Mimi Lai. I joined the EBIO department because I enjoy taking EBIO classes. As a nature enthusiast and animal lover, this major offers a great range of courses that keeps me in touch with the field. After taking Genetics with Dr. Cattell, a researcher in the Medeiros Lab, I became interested in research and I have been involved with Dr. Medeiros’s lab for two semesters now. I am currently working on skeletal development in lampreys. This experience has helped me narrow down my interest and created a brighter path for me. I can see myself doing research in the future. Working with animals is something that I always wanted to do, and the lab has helped me to realize I want to go to veterinarian school, but instead of working at a clinic I want to become a researcher to study animal diseases. If you share the same interests as me, I recommend taking Animal Behavior with Dr. Breed and Ecology with Dr. Cruz. Overall, all the professors in the EBIO department are awesome.