Graduation with Honors in EBIO

EBIO Research ImageEBIO wants you to graduate with Honors. There are two approaches to achieving honors if you are an EBIO major: Departmental Honors Thesis or a General Honors Thesis. The Departmental Thesis involves focused research within EBIO while the General Thesis allows for a more interdisciplinary approach to research.

Don't be shy; pay us a visit! We would love to hear from you. Past honors student have considered the honors thesis highly rewarding and some of the most enjoyable work they participated in during their time at CU. Graduate programs, medical school, and many other programs or agencies frequently consider a research experience like the honors program as an indicator of future success that is more significant than high grades.

For help in getting started with the honors project, or for more information on Honors courses, contact your EBIO advisor or the EBIO Honors Coordinator Professor Barbara Demmig-Adams. Additional information can be found through the following links.