EBIO Departmental Honors Thesis

We encourage all EBIO majors who are hoping to graduate with a GPA of 3.3 or above to consider the departmental Honors thesis option. The departmental Honors thesis involves an extended research project under the guidance of a faculty member, writing an Honors thesis, and presenting your thesis results in an oral defense.

EBIO Research ImageIf you are interested in an Honors thesis, you should approach one or more faculty members directly whose research interests seem compatible with your own. See the list of possible faculty members in the Honors advisors page. If you are not sure how to begin contact the EBIO Honors Coordinator Barbara Demmig-Adams directly to get involved. You are encouraged to make these contacts as early in your undergraduate program as you wish. Faculty members do not expect you to come in with anything other than your enthusiasm and determination to apply yourself. They will suggest possible research projects, help you formulate hypotheses, and provide technical training and assistance.

We are offering an introductory seminar EBIO 3890 that may be taken at any time. EBIO 3890 provides detailed information about Honors research and accompanying independent research credits EBIO 3990. For graduation with Departmental Honors, another seminar/independent research unit EBIO 4980 / 4990 is required. For more information, see the EBIO Honors guidelines. Official registration in the departmental Honors program (in the semester before graduation) occurs through the campus-wide Honors program. For application forms, funding opportunities and other information, see the links on our Honors Program page.