General Honors Thesis

In addition to the research-based departmental Honors program, there is also the course-based general Honors program for those interested in courses taught at a higher level of involvement and critical thinking.

Honors courses at the University of Colorado are courses which are designed for maximum involvement and intellectual fulfillment by the students. Class size is limited to 15, students are expected to participate in active discussion, and many of the courses include a research component. Graduation with General Honors requires completion of 12 hours of Honors courses in addition to the Honors Thesis. Honors Courses include biology-related courses offered by several different departments. EBIO offers honors recitations along with EBIO 1210 and EBIO 1220, and honors sections of the 2000 level majors core classes. Please speak with your Academic Advisor about current offerings.

For more information about Honors Courses, see the Honors Curriculum web page. For application forms, funding opportunities and other information, see the links on our Honors Program page.